1. More than the sessions themselves (which I’ll blog about soon), I was looking forward to attending NCTM 2012 to get a chance to meet some math tweeps, especially Christopher Danielson, aka ‘The Reflections in the Why Readership’. After arriving in Philadephia, I was excited to see that Chris Lusto had also made the trip.
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    In real life, @ChrisHunter36 does not look like a Tim Burton line drawing. FYI

    Mon, Apr 30 2012 13:44:19
  3. It was great to spend time and learn with my fellow Christophers as well as Dan MeyerKarim AniMichael Pershan, and Bree Murray. These people are as tall, handsome, smart, witty, and friendly in person as they are online.
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    Tip of the day: if you have coffee with @Mathalicious and @ddmeyer, be extremely tall.

    Mon, Apr 30 2012 13:44:19
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    @Lustomatical @Mathalicious @ddmeyer and handsome!

    Mon, Apr 30 2012 13:44:19
  6. On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of talking with Chris Lusto’s parents at a tweetup jokingly sponsored by Mathalicious.
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    Don’t forget: math teacher tweetup at #nctm12. Today @ 6PM. The Farmer’s Cabinet. http://t.co/4dklt8Sk RT and @mathalicious buys you a shot.

    Mon, Apr 30 2012 13:44:19
  8. Chris was telling his dad, a teacher who is about to retire at the end of this school year, a story about Christopher’s daughter.
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    Me to 5yo daughter re: sugar she put on her waffle: “This is like a calculus problem’s worth of sugar! Way too much!”

    Mon, Apr 30 2012 13:44:19
  10. After hearing his son talk about the families of people he knew online, Mr. Lusto commented to me on how amazing it was that we had this friendship despite never having met face to face. He said it was unbelievable to someone of his generation. A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

7 thoughts on “#NCTM12

  1. FYI – more people than Christopher read your blog. 🙂 I agree, it is amazing to meet people in person that you have spent much time discussing and reading their thoughts.

  2. Thanks David for reminding me that my readership is >1. Just being a bit self-deprecating with that remark. I appreciate your comments too. I know that many people, myself included, have favourite blogs that they read on a regular basis but never leave comments on.

  3. Hey, Chris, I’m a regular on here too! I haven’t read any NCTM12 tweets and/or blogs from all the great smart female teachers whom I follow. Did you guys meet up with any?

    • Yes! We met up with Bree (@btwnthenumbers). Also, Grace (@graceachen) was there but I missed her.

      Glad to hear you’re a regular! I’m a big fan of your blog. Loved the You are a girl. Female. post. Hopefully, all of our students have moments of kindness like this that they will remember years from now.

      • AHH, I thought Breedeen Murray was male! (Hangs head in shame, sorry Bree, I visit your site often too, just didn’t connect your name with site name!)

        I’d cried my eyes out the whole time writing that post that you’d think I was writing a eulogy, and cried some more when I read it again. #timetoseekprofhelp 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words!

  4. It was so fun meeting everybody and putting faces to names. And my folks were so happy to be part of the conversation. My mom sent a really nice email, which I will forward to you directly.

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