Halloween Ten-Frames

made4math_smallSandra’s dollar store math manipulative:

Pumpkin Ice Cube Tray + Zombie Eyeballs = Halloween Ten-Frame

You’ll have two leftover eyeballs. Extras are always okay.

That's (a) gross!

That’s (a) gross!

Locally, the trays are available everywhere, the eyeballs at Dollar Tree, the dollar store where

dollar (twenty-five) store


3 thoughts on “Halloween Ten-Frames

  1. Love the ice cube trays as a ten frame. I have had a set of eyeball erasers for a few years but had no way to use them as counters on a ten frame because they rolled all over the place. Never thought about the ice cube trays-we have a built in ice maker and no space in our freezer for ice cube trays. Used this with kids and they loved it. My questions: How many eyes do you see? How do you see them? They cracked up-and I thought it was pretty funny too.
    Thanks so much.

    • Thanks, Judy. I’m glad you and your kids had fun with this. Also, thanks for adding your two questions. In addition to asking “How many?” and “How do you see ___?” I had Keira build quantities to ten. For example, if there were six eyeballs in the tray, I’d ask her to build eight. She’d quickly grab two and add them to the tray. She’d use relationships (e.g., eight is two more than six; eight is two less than ten), not counting.

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